How to register

Applications can only be done via the RNP website

Saturday October 7 is the main day. The price for the day is 240 euros. It includes lectures, lunch, the popes’ palace visit, the gala dinner party and the ball.

You have also others propositions on Friday October 6: a party at the Uzès Duchy and/or a cruise along the Rhône river. Only one activity is proposed on Saturday October 8: the cruise along the Rhône River.

A specific price is mentioned for each of these activities.


To execute the registration: three stages:

Stage 1: Select the activities and their numbers:

I°) For each selected activity (congress, visits, party at the Uzès Duchy, cruise) please indicate the total number required for all the participants that you will register on stage 2. Add those activities to your basket by clicking the botton “register“. As soon as you have choosen an activity, a summary page pops up. If you want to add more activities, you must press on “add events “.You can register from 1 to 3 participants on one sheet in the stage 2.

Stage 2: Assign the right activity to each participant:

2°) Register the participants (3 maximum) and assign each activity from your basket to the right participant. For each activity, you must write the name of the participant. Once you finish the registration you can pay.

Stage 3: Payment:

3°) Payment can be made in credit card or via Paypal security system.

As soon as you have paid you will receive automatically:

-a confirmation of your payment.

-an invoice from the RNP with an identification number which will allow us to identify you quickly during the congress. Keep it very